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28. When Nashville Lost Its Innocence Part 2// Marcia Trimble

February 16, 2018

On February 25, 1975, 9 year old Marcia Trimble goes missing from her neighborhood in Nashville, Tennessee while delivering Girl Scout cookies.  A massive search is conducted over the next 33 days with no sign of Marcia and really no clues at all.  Then, on Easter Sunday, the body of Marcia was found in the garage of someone in the neighborhood.  Had she been there for 33 days? If so, how did 1000's of searchers and police officials miss her?  Or was she kept alive for sometime before being murdered and discarded in the garage?  Many questions would be asked and rumors would fly but police honed in on one suspect, Jeffery Womack, and were convinced he did it with little to no proof.  Join us while we discuss the aftermath of finding Marcia's body and the hunt to put her killer behind bars. 

Source for this series is "A Season of Darkness" by Doug Jones and Phyllis Gobbell

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